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Modern appliances help us stay focused on important things in life. Yet we know how frustrating it can be to find the appliance you rely a lot upon not working… Don’t panic, your trusted appliance repair engineer is just a phone call away. At Plus Appliance Repair, we understand that every minute matters and want to help you make the best out of life by providing instant and quality appliance repair service. Our skilled engineers will carefully diagnose your appliance to honestly suggest the most winning repair scenario in terms of time, quality, and money as we always act in the best interests of our clients.

Our certified engineers are fully-trained to handle any kind of in-house appliance repair service without ever sacrificing quality to speed even in the most time-critical situations. We keep our staff professionally equipped and educated in the cutting-edge technologies for working with top appliance brands such as Miele, Samsung, Bosch, LG, Fisher and Paykel and many others. You can rely on us in large and small appliance repair service both for home and business use in the whole Los Angeles County. 

At Plus Appliance Repair, we use only new and original compatible parts we get directly from the manufacturer to guarantee a premium appliance repair service performed according to high industry standards. Plus, we always have all necessary replacement parts and accessories available in stock to ensure you get a flawless same-day appliance repair at no extra charge and with no extra wait. 

Flexible scheduling, affordable prices, and 3-months guarantee for both parts and labor are the reasons why many households and companies in Los Angeles have made Plus Appliance Repair their go-to repair service provider. 

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We believe you need to know how to use the appliance to reach your goals, and this is actually the only thing a normal human needs to know about appliances. In case of a breakdown, it is better to use a qualified appliance repair service in your area. Plus Appliance Repair offers a fast and affordable small appliance repair by fully trained and professionally equipped engineers with use of original parts and accessories. We specialize in both residential and commercial appliance repair serving households and companies across Los Angeles. 

You never know how much your life depends on a machine until it breaks down. When, say, a refrigerator goes haywire at home, somebody can stay hungry. When a refrigerator breaks, say, in a food company, the whole business can stop. Even a broken coffee machine can drive the whole office mad and derail all your company’s work, and this is only a coffee machine... On a larger scale, every business has its key appliance, and when it malfunctions, an immediate small appliance repair service is needed to keep your business going. Many Los Angeles companies have made us their reliable stand-by appliance repair crew for emergency breakdowns because we understand the role professional appliances play in your business success.        

Making us your go-to small appliance repair partner, your business can save lots of time, money and nerve cells and avoid unwanted pauses in the company’s work. Our technicians are certified to repair all sizes of household and commercial appliances – from small appliance repair to fixing large equipment units. From small appliances like ovens, dryers, and heaters to large commercial cooktops and prep tables – we use only certified tools and original manufacturer-approved parts to ensure the best possible compatibility and quality. Plus Appliance Repair works directly with major appliance brands to get immediate access to the original parts required to guarantee you excellence in undelayable appliance repair service – no extra cost and no extra wait! 

Plus Appliance Repair offers a discount system for commercial repairs. You benefit even more by making us your one-stop appliance repair service provider. Give us a rapid call to learn more about the business benefits we offer: (818) 2019904.  

Free call service-plus appliance repair

FREE CALL SERVICE                    

Free call service.

Tired of appliance repair service providers that scale up your repair bill by adding plus fees? We know the pain. We believe you shouldn’t pay for the technician’s visit if he is going to handle your small appliance repair. Call Plus Appliance Repair to have one of our best appliance repair service engineers arrive and check your equipment, large or small. Call service is absolutely FREE provided that you sign the small appliance repair contract with us.   

free estimate plus appliance repair

FREE ESTIMATE                              

Free estimate.

Have no idea what’s wrong with your appliance? At Plus Appliance Repair, we believe you mustn’t pay for the right to know. The absence of plus payments is our biggest PLUS! Call our service to have our qualified engineer estimate your appliance breakdown and suggest the best repair solution. If you are OK with the price (and most of the clients are), the estimate will be absolutely FREE. You only need to sign the small appliance repair contract with Plus Appliance Repair. 

Instant booking and repair plus applince repair


Instant booking and repair.

In a world of technology, an instant appliance repair service is crucial for staying ahead of the game. With Plus Appliance Repair, you can book your same day small appliance repair in a few clicks or by a brief call talk with our friendly client service. We will schedule your small appliance repair for the time that fits you best, and you’ll get your appliance back on track before this day ends.

Frankie Bolder


Courteous appliance repair service provider that doesn’t charge extra annoying fees. Everything works flawlessly till now. The parts were a bit expensive, but it’s not the fault of Plus Appliance Repair. One has to pay for quality. Will always consider them for a small appliance repair and recommend friends.

Quinn Davis


First class appliance repair service! Their washing machine engineer called 30 minutes before arrival, arrived exactly on time, was polite and quiet (I value that), and fixed my Miele on the spot because he had all necessary parts with him. After that, he cleaned after himself (this was surprising to me). I guess this guy from Plus Appliance Repair restored my faith in repair service. Thank you! 

Sandy Williams


I highly recommend this service for small appliance repair! Friendly, professional and modest guys who always give valuable tips and honestly offer the best value for my money. 

Casey Johnson


This appliance repair service is super professional. Their guy, David, repaired my oven despite other “professionals” kept telling me my oven was ok. But I knew it wasn’t because I’m a professional chef myself. I felt it, and David easily found the issue. Thank you, Plus Appliance Repair, for your talented staff!  

Robbie White


Used this small appliance repair service a couple of times and was extremely satisfied. I run a natural cosmetics company, and, since our products are preservative-free, our refrigerators are our everything! These guys always saved us when failures happened. Thank you Plus Appliance Repair! You saved us tons of time and nerves! 

Riley Jones


I’m always happy with their superb small appliance repair service! Their repair guy was quick, respectful and super tidy. He left my bathroom as he found it and wore disposable shoe covers. It’s a big plus of you, Plus Appliance Repair!  

Payton Hillman


When my refrigerator stopped working with 105 F outside, I started to panic. I had expensive fish frozen for a special occasion and lots of food in the fridge. Plus Appliance Repair was the first service I called, and I’m happy I did. Their engineer sorted out our fridge in a half an hour even before everything started to melt.  Later, I found out that my colleague got the same issue fixed by another appliance repair service and paid double the price.

Jessie Brown


Fantastic client service! The manager listened to my issue very attentively, and I was surprised that the engineer they sent to me already knew the “story”. Unfortunately, my air conditioner was beyond repair. He explained to me why this happened. We really didn’t take care of it as we should. But anyway, thank you very much, Plus Appliance Repair! You offer a really pleasant appliance repair service. 


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Small Appliance Repair Service

Plus Appliance Repair is about PLUS quality, not PLUS fees or wait. We aim at delivering excellent same day small appliance repair service with the best expertise and without plus payments. We don’t change call-out fees and estimate fees because our objective is to build trust. We believe you entrusted us with something very important to you – appliance your family or business relies on every day. And we give back the best client service you deserve.  

Modern high-end appliances are expensive investments in the quality of our life. Therefore, a proper maintenance and using quality and timely small appliance repair service are needed to extend the machines’ life and guarantee the best return on investment. A poor appliance repair service can lead to more failures and even subsequently kill your appliance. Plus Appliance Repair service is dedicated to taking care of every your appliance as if it was ours.     

If you need an instant small appliance repair, call Plus Appliance Repair today (818)2019904 to get your appliance fixed the same day! We will schedule your small appliance repair on the best suitable time for you. You’ll get a call from us 30 minutes before our arrival to prevent unpleasant waiting. Be assured that our small appliance repair engineer will arrive on time, get your appliance working and leave your home tidy as he found it.

Call us (818)2019904 to book an instant small appliance repair service for today!  

Plus Appliance Repair Estimate
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